The Bulgarian capital Sofia has one international airport (IATA: SOF), located about 10 km from the centre of the city. Most international flights arrive to and depart from Terminal 2. There are two easy ways to reach the conference hotel “Sveta Sofia” from the airport.

By metro. Regular metro Red line connects the terminal with the city centre and stops close to the “Saint Sofia” Hotel. Take the metro for 13 stops and leave at “Serdika” Stop. From the metro station to the hotel, walk about 400 metres, 5 minutes. One-way metro ticket costs 1 BGN (0.5 EUR) and is valid for 30 minutes.

By taxi. One licensed taxi company, O.K. Supertrans, serves the passengers from the airport. Taxi from the airport to the hotel costs about 14-18 BGN (7-9 EUR).

Hotel. The conference will be held at Hotel “Sveta Sofia”, 18 Pirotska Str., Sofia 1301.
It is located 400 meters from the “Serdika” Metro Station, the 13-th stop from the airport. Special reduced fares are provided for conference participants.

Sightseeing. The hotel is in the very centre of the Sofia, with some of the major sightseeing sites reachable within a walking distance.

You can visit in 5-10 minute walk:

You can visit in 15-20 minute walk:

You can visit in 25-30 minute walk:

Local currency. The Bulgarian currency is Bulgarian Lev or BGN. It is pegged to the Euro at the fixed rate of 1.95583 BGN = 1 EUR. Note that by state regulation, all exchange bureaus are required to buy/sell currencies within 5% deviation from the official rate of the Bulgarian National Bank for that day. In general, exchange bureaus do not charge a commission.

Plug type. In Bulgaria, the Type C electrical plug (or Europlug) is used.